The New Testament (7″ EP)


Price: 6,00€
Release Date: May 5th 2016
Thisquietarmy, aka Eric Quach, is releasing his "New Testament", a 7" EP limited to 333 copies, which will appeal to those who are dark and powerfully moody. After ten or so LPs and numerous collaborations (Aidan Baker, Monarch, Year of no Light), this samuraï of sound experimentations has chosen discolexique for this biblical release. His music is both distorted and melodic, desperate yet never devoid of hope, intense... mystical. Eric Quach needs no cohort to convey his energy; he manages on his own to call forth the best of krautrock and new wave amid the depths of melancholy. It feels like lugubrious post-rock, funereal drone, gothic summers in the Southern hemisphere.

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